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roofing, painting, building, paving, tiling, plumbing, skeeming, plastering
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We paint Interior & Exterior, Commercial & Residential, Victorian & Contemporary. The pride we take in our craftsmanship will be reflected in the finished project,and we will earn our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Water Proofing

We provide  a wide range of products for every application of waterproofing, whether for a home-size project or a large construction, we have the suitable product and technical advice on hand

Electrical Engineering

We provide state of the art designs for new, existing, or to-be-refurbished industrial and commercial premises, with due consideration to integrity, reliability, aesthetics and cost efficiency


We have a specialized group of tilers on call to take on any tiling job. We work on various tiling projects from residential bathroom renovations, kitchen wall & floor tiling to commercial, industrial, glossy showroom floors.


We offer wall coating services. Our equipment are designed to install different technologies (Cathodic Arc, Magnetron Sputtering , Plasma Beam Source, etc.) to ensure high productivity, low cost and innovative solutions based on customer needs.


High Definition Contractors offers high quality plastering services to your homes or companies, .


We  provide natural stone and concrete paving slabs to aid the transformation of your patio and garden paved areas. We offer a wide range from concrete, sandstone, granite, limestone to slate pavement.

High Pressure Cleaning

We supply the local industry and homes with all types of high pressure cleaners such as: Single Phase Diesel/Petrol cold water machines, Three phase diesel/petrol cold water machines, as well as hot or cold steam cleaners.


We will pinpoint water leaks to the exact source and therefore minimize disruption to your property in Cape Town. Finding the leak is the starting point of repairing all plumbing problems the first time, every time.

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